Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Any pointers for the Master Cleanse?

Started the master cleanse today...any pointers/tips/recommendations? I'm only going to do it for a few days, not a whole week.

Is it typical for the lemonade drink to burn your throat?

Is mint tea good?Any pointers for the Master Cleanse?
the recipe i heard of uses molasses and cayenne pepper with the lemonade so it might burn your throat.Any pointers for the Master Cleanse?
Sorry to butt in here, but a reasonably healthy body does an

excellent job of keeping itself clean even when abused (';cleansed';) by it's owner.

Eat healthy, exercise, and drink when you're thirsty or just

want to, extra in summer and when exercising. That's all you need

to do! Your fantastically designed body will do the rest. And your body and

wallet will be proud of you!

Good luck.

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